Monday, November 27, 2017

Music Monday: Your Body Is A Wonderland

Hello and welcome to the final week of NaNo writing. As stated last week, I switched projects at the halfway mark.

This story is a first for me, an erotic romance that will be novella length. A couple of ladies in my critique group encouraged me to attempt erotica after they read my now released book, Not Broken. I wasn't so sure I was worthy of their praise when it came to the sex scenes, but I decided to take on the challenge anyway.

Quinn was who spoke to me first when I started this, and then things have slowly started forming form there. I needed a plot, some good reason to base a story focused more on the sex rather than the building of a relationship. Quinn gave that to me by showing me the possible conflict right off the bat and now she and her husband Ian are working through it.

While most of the playlist for this book is on the more explicit side, I have wanted to mix in some that also lends itself to being romantic and appreciative of each other.

NaNo stats for the week, again sorta dismal. I thought with the switch in project I'd get the words to flow easier. In hindsight, taking on NaNo and doing a book release in the same month wasn't probably the best plan, but eh can't change that now. Last week, my numbers sat at 16,854. This week I'm up to 18,396. Not a huge jump, but an increase all the same. At this point, if I can make it to half way I'll count it as a win.

Hope you all have a great week.

Until next time

This week's song:

"Your Body Is A Wonderland" by John Mayer


  1. I definitely detected the erotica aspect of Not Broken. ;) I didn't know it released already. Best of luck! And have fun with your new project. :)

    1. LOL yeah. There were open door scenes in Not Broken. Yep. Thanksgiving was the release day for it. So it's now out in the world. Exciting and scary. Thank you. Having fun with it for sure.

      thanks for stopping by