Monday, November 20, 2017

Music Monday: Drunk In Love

Welcome back to another NaNoWriMo edition of Music Monday. While I am still slowly making my way through NaNo, some changes have been made.
The project I talked about the other two weeks has been shelved. As I wrote, I realized I needed to work out way more details than the pressure of NaNo allowed. Yes, I can edit later, but really I can't work that way.

New project is one I started before NaNo, but I'm counting only new words added to the project. This one is my first attempt at an erotic romance. Like my previous project, the POV writing style is new for me. This time around I'm attempting third person since I'm normally a 1st POV writer.

These are the face claim shots of the two I'm writing about now. Ian and Quinn Faraday.

The playlist for this story is certainly full of a lot of sexual themed songs since the focus of this story is more on the sexual journey and not so much the relationship. They are a married couple and are finding new ways to keep the romance alive.

My NaNo stats going into week three are rather dismal. While this project doesn't require as much forethought, my focus is still crap as I try to prepare for the release of my book. Last week I sat at 11,273. This week I'm up to 16,854 so not a lot of movement and not even close to where I need to be if I have any hopes of 'winning' this thing.

I'm going to keep writing and see how far I get and go from there.

Until next tim

This week's selection from my new playlist:

"Drunk In Love" by Beyonce **warning explicit lyrics**


  1. Sorry your original NaNo story wasn't working for you but it's an occupational hazard. Sometimes a story needs a little more time before it's ready to be written. At least you had another story to work on.
    Don't worry about stats too much as I consider 'winnin' NaNoWriMo by participating in it.
    PS My writing music is the Mavado station on Pandora. My MMC is Jamaican and my FMC likes Reggea music. Plus, they lyrics can get, scratch that, are mostly raunchy, from varying degrees of implicit and explicit.

    1. Yeah, I was kinda bummed, but I didn't want to force something that wasn't flowing. I'll go back to that project as it's my next full length novel idea. The current WIP is going to be my first novella.

      For the goals I set for myself this year, participating in NaNo was my plan, not so much the 'winning' so I'm doing okay there.

      On nice! Finding the right music helps my process so much. Yeah this current list has quite a few raunchy options, but it works for what I'm writing.

      thanks for stopping by