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Music Monday - Body Like A Back Road

Happy Monday. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty standard, not much going on.

Adventures In KU - Month Three

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a great week. So, if you've been following along, this is my last month update about KU. If you've missed the other two, never fear, you can read Month One and Month Two .

Music Monday - If I Die Young

Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. And if you're a GoT fan, I hope you enjoyed the big finale. We're on end of school countdown, just two more days. My quiet days are coming to an end, but for now I'll enjoy what I have.

Book Review - Maple Summer Wallace

Happy Saturday. I’m here today with a review of a book that is normally not in my wheelhouse. I’m a romance reader mostly, but it’s good to stretch my readerly muscles and branch out every so often. That’s what I have today. NA (New Adult) Women’s Fiction.

#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop - Let's Get Romantic

Photo courtesy of: Pexels Happy May. If you’re like me, you’re barreling toward the end of the school year with kid activities. A busy time for sure, but I’m looking forward to not getting up at 6:30am. However, I’m not looking forward to refereeing fights between my younger two. Tis is mom life. Anyway new month, means new #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop post.

Music Monday - Talk

Happy Monday! And happy belated Mother's Day to anyone it applies to. :) I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I didn't do anything special, not even yesterday. But it's Monday, new week, new music.

Release Blitz - Lethal by K.H Kate

💀 #LETHAL by K.H Kate is LIVE! 💀  In the mood for a HOT MC RomanticSuspense?

Music Monday - Three Nights

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and hopefully you didn't party too hard in your Cinco de Mayo celebrations if you take part in those. Last week for me was rather unproductive, but I'm hoping to change that this week.

IWSG - Treading Water

Photo by  Li Yang  on  Unsplash Happy May! The end of the school year is upon me. The Teen reminded me they have only seventeen more days. My lack of focus is about to get some louder distractions.