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Showing posts from February, 2018

Music Monday-Sincerely, Me

Happy Monday! Can you believe that two months of the year are already gone? I know there are a few days left in February, but still, mostly gone! Anyway, thanks for joining me again.

Nails On A Chalkboard - #MFRWauthor

Hello and welcome to week 8 of the #MFRWauthor blog hop. This week we are talking 'worst' writing advice we've been given.

Music Monday - Walk Away

Another week. Another Monday. Following in with the last two weeks, I am again featuring a selection based off the upcoming books from ladies in my Twitter CP group.

Call Me Evel Knievel -#MFRWauthor

So here we are with week 7 of #MFRWauthor . I did this hop last year. I came in late, like week 4 or 5, but didn't miss any after that.

Music Monday - Meant To Be

Happy Monday. Welcome to the second week featuring music selections from my CP Twitter group. The RChat ladies are an instrumental part of my writing life. We cheer each other on, give advice, feedback.

The Five People You Meet - #MFRWauthor

Welcome to another week of the #MFRWauthor blog hop. Week six and we're talking author meetings. The first thing that popped into my head looking at the topic was that book by Mitch Albom.

IWSG 21 - To Query or Not To Query

Hared to believe that January is already over. Here we are with a new month and a new IWSG blog post.

Music Monday - I Found

Happy Monday! Woo-hoo two weeks in a row with Music Monday. Last week I mentioned an idea I wanted to do for this segment and this week I'm kicking it off.

The Impact of Books - #MFRWauthor

Hello and happy Friday. Another week, another topic. Not gonna lie, I groaned when I saw this week's prompt for the #MFRWauthor blog hop. A book that has influenced my life.