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Book Chat!

I had a great time last night chatting with Tracie and LaShell on Book Chat . The ladies were lots of fun as we sat and discussed Fiendish! THANK YOU Tracie and LaShell for having me on. :)

First Web Interview

LaShell Collins and Tracie Puckett have joined forces and now host a web series titled Book Chat . They interview authors, give writing tips, and generally have a good time. These two wonderful ladies have asked to interview me this month! HOW EXCITING!!! I feel so grown up.

1 year ago today...

This time last year I hit publish on my very first book, Fiendish. It was a nervous and exciting time as I sent my labor of love out into the world. Over the course of the year I've learned new things about the self-publishing business and I've 'met' many great people.

Book Review: Secrets of Lunar Falls (Lunar Falls #1)

Secrets of Lunar Falls by Lashell Collins When veterinarian, Dr. Carly Tipton, takes a new job in the tiny farming community of Lunar Falls, she expects to build a new life for herself. She expects to meet new people and have new experiences. Maybe she’s even expecting a little adventure. But what she’s not expecting is to fall head over heels in love – not with the town, and certainly not with its ruggedly sexy sheriff, Gabriel Masters. She’s also not expecting all the secrets Lunar Falls is hiding. Secrets that could destroy everything she ever believed was true about her own heritage and the family she left back home.