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Showing posts from December, 2018

Music Monday - My Year In Music

Happy New Year's Eve!!! Can you believe it? The last Monday of 2018. Hell, it's the last day of 2018. This week I've decided to do something different. A year in review; musical style.

Music Monday - Jingle Bell Rock

Hello and happy next to last Monday of 2018. Today happens to also be Christmas Eve so this week we will do a holiday song.

Music Monday - New Rules

Happy Monday. Man, can you believe it? There are only two weeks left in 2018. I've yet to do the check on my goals to see what I hit and what I didn't, but that time is nearing.

Music Monday - Head Above Water

We're back again. Hope everyone had a restful weekend. If any readers are also from Georgia and soccer fans, I'm sure you're still riding the MLS win. I myself am NOT a sports person, but my sister and her boyfriend are season ticket holders.

IWSG - The Writer Blahs Take 2

Hello and happy December. We have reached the final month of 2018. It's normally a time of reflection on how the year went and looking forward to even more in the next. Only, I'm not.

Music Monday - Nina Cried Power

It's December y'all! Final month of 2018!!! Can't believe it's coming to an end. This month is a normally a time of self-reflection. Looking back on what I accomplished and looking forward to how I can do better next year.