Monday, December 3, 2018

Music Monday - Nina Cried Power

It's December y'all! Final month of 2018!!! Can't believe it's coming to an end. This month is a normally a time of self-reflection. Looking back on what I accomplished and looking forward to how I can do better next year.

Only, so far I've not done that. Why?

Well... #editinghell

If you've poked around my blog in the last month or so, you know I'm making the venture into being a hybrid author. With this new venture comes deadlines. TIGHT DEADLINES. Editing isn't part of the process that I enjoy. I do it, but I'm not a person that looks forward to shaping and molding the story. I'm a #turtlewriter that means I've stressed over every word that went into the creation from the beginning, which in turns me I'm already sorta over it by the time editing comes around. LOL

But there's work to do.

I recently had four days, yup just four, to do an 'author proof' edit on my 47k erotic romance that's releasing next month. This was after having only about seven days to do the initial edits based on feedback from the editor and make any additional *major* changes I might want to the story.

I'm a turtle and I don't work well under pressure.

Because I knew I had no choice but to dig deep, focus, and get it done, I needed music. My *battle song* as it were.

Hozier is an artist that is featured on I *think* each of my playlists, one song or another. I like him. His message, his voice, the feel his songs can evoke. This week's selection is no different. With headphones on, and repeat song locked, I got through the edits with Hozier's "Nina Cried Power" fueling me as I went.

Hope you enjoy the song and have a great week.

Until next time

"Nina Cried Power" by Hozier

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