Wednesday, December 5, 2018

IWSG - The Writer Blahs Take 2

Hello and happy December. We have reached the final month of 2018. It's normally a time of reflection on how the year went and looking forward to even more in the next. Only, I'm not.

I think I'm getting to the point when I can almost tell a blah is coming on. It's been a hell of a few weeks. More dreaded time in #editinghell. I made the terrible mistake of looking at my sales, and I had two giveaways with like no entries. One for my newsletter subscribers and only two of my author friends responded. And one as part of an author interview. It's like wow, I can't even give them away. Then I participated in my very first 'author takeover' on Facebook, and yeah, mostly spent the day talking to myself.

When it rains it pours. Right?

My ability/desire to write is directly tied into how I feel. I'm not a 'push through it' kinda gal. So, being down means the words don't come. The words don't come then I feel like crap for not making progress and working on something new. It's a vicious cycle.

And by all accounts I should be excited right now. I have a book coming out next month and another in March. But with the blahs taking control I can only see the glass as half-empty. Writing is not an easy gig. Whether indie, hybrid, or traditional, there are times when (I'm guessing) everyone gets overwhelmed. And right now it's so much all at once.

More impending edits
Make a marketing plan
Write new words
Make goals for 2019
See what goals I didn't hit for 2018

And the biggie, give up control. The fear of the 'unknown' is real right now. Someone else has the final say on the finished product that will go out to the world. I know this is a good thing and an amazing opportunity, but with one of the two stories coming out already being one I had a shaky relationship with... yeah I'm a giant ball of anxiousness.

I've had the blahs before. And I'm aware that they will go away again. The question however remains: When? The last round lasted from May til early September. Hopefully, they'll move on quicker this round.

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Thank you to this month's co-hosts!  J.H. Moncrieff, Tonja Drecker , Patsy Collins, and Chrys Fey!


  1. I'm sorry! You can't control what people will do, only what you will do. Don't let their actions - or lack thereof - stop you.

  2. May your blahs lift soon. Best of luck with your new releases. I hear ya' about the FB events. So far, those I've participated in have been circle jerks of authors liking each other's posts. But hey, they don't cost me anything. Onward! Wishing you happier writing in December.

  3. Hang in there. It happens to all of us. You are not alone. :-)

    Anna from elements of emaginette

  4. I try not to look at my sales either and FB promos haven't done much for me either. Have you done any in person events? I often have good results and feel more energized after talking to readers. Good luck with your new releases!

  5. I've had a case of the blahs for most of 2018. I think I'm coming out of it now, but still it's disappointing to look back and see that so much time has been lost. I guess as writers, we have to accept that these things happen. It's a question of making sure the next time we don't sink so far or for so long.

  6. As you said, a writer's life isn't easy. Hang in there and create your own excitement. Sounds silly, but it makes it easier and others might notice at one point. Poke me when you need shout-outs or anything!

  7. Hope things turn around soon. I have to echo what Alex and others have said, you can only control what you do so just keep plugging away and try different things. Good luck on the upcoming releases.

  8. Go do something completely out of your comfort zone, just to shake things up a bit. Then keep after it and don't worry about what the world says or does.

  9. Hi Meka! Marketing is hard. There's no easy solution, but I'm wondering if you're paying for any kind of service that does this for authors. I haven't used any, but it might be worth investigating. Or perhaps for your next IWSG post, you could ask others for advice? I'm not suggesting a company that only does one thing, but rather a book marketing company that plans a whole bunch of promotions, perhaps cutting costs by grouping authors together in promotions and getting the authors to co-promote.

  10. It's hard to fight off those blahs and disappointments. I hope you have a great year ahead!

  11. I hear you! It's hard to chase off the 'blahs', especially when things aren't going well. But they do get better, and even if this time it din't work out, you don't know that the next time it will be better.

  12. I hope you realize just how not alone you are in feeling this way. :-) You do have a lot going on and I'm not about to tell you to look on the sunny side of things. (I hate when people do that to me.) I will say that the marketing / writer-reader engagement / etc. part of writing is one of the things that scares me off from really pursuing it. The world at large is very instant gratification-minded with short attention spans. Do your best that you can do in this moment. That's truly all anyone can ask of you, including yourself. :-)

  13. Writing is hard.

    When it comes to Facebook parties, I've had some that were a total bust and some that were really good. See if you can do an author take over for an hour in someone's Facebook group, but make sure it's an active group and the readership works for your stories. Those usually work very well for me. Offer giveaways and do fun questions. Or keep an eye out in author Facebook groups for announcements for FB book bashes. Next time I see one, I'll let you know.

    I missed your giveaway announcement, but you really have to promote those. Post about them in Facebook groups for readers (if authors are allowed to). You can do a search on Facebook for groups for authors and readers. There's even free and discounted ebook groups.

    Keep you're head up. Not everything will pan out, but you have to keep trying and find what works for you (or find the groups/people that work).