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Author Interview - Fanni Sütő

Hello and welcome to my very first hosted author interview. Grab a cup of tea or coffee, and get to know a little more about YA author Fanni Sütő.

Today Fanni will talk to us a little about difficulties in writing.  So without further ado

Are there types of scenes you find more difficult to write? How do you handle that?

~I usually feel a bit uncomfortable around bed scenes. I tend to think of my characters as if they were my children, so I feel a bit self-conscious watching them when they get tangled with somebody... but oh well, this is life.

Did you have any ideas about being a writer that becoming a writer changed?

~It’s a shitload of work. You have to be very focused and determined, it’s not the easy glamorous life so many people associate with artists or writers.

What is the hardest thing about writing? What is the easiest?

~Hardest: Not to give up. To stick to the same story, focus and keep writing. Not to be discouraged by criticism. Easiest: Make up new worlds, get to love characters, write dialogue. Nowadays I find editing to be a great joy which is weird but there you go...

What are two major pitfalls you’ve experienced as a writer, and how did you handle them?

~One, my natural writing method is non-linear, so sometimes I have the end before the middle. After some struggle I almost managed to teach myself to start at the beginning and continue with the middle but there is still work to do J I’ve just downloaded Scrivener, I think that should help with my problem with the timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbliness.

Two, I have too many ideas and I often get distracted by new stories. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned to handle this yet but I’m working on it.

Are there topics you intended to include in your current work but held yourself back from?

~Hm, not really. I usually write quite covertly, so I’m not afraid to say what is on my mind.

Thank you Fanni for taking the time to answer a few questions. It was a pleasure hosting you today.

Fanni Sütő (1990) writes poetry, short stories and a growing number of novels-in-progress. She publishes in English and Hungarian and finds inspiration in reading, paintings and music. She writes about everything which comes in her way or goes bump in the night. Her heaven would be a library with an endless supply of coffee latte, cupcakes and Dr. Who episodes. She tries to find the magical in the everyday and likes to spy on the secret life of cities and their inhabitants.

Publications include: The Casket of Fictional Delights, Tincture Journal, Enchanted Conversation. Fundead Publications.

She  is very happy to do collaborations, art exchanges, cross-art projects, so if you’re interested in such things, please get in touch.

Twitter: @Fanni_Pumpkin


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