Monday, April 24, 2017

Music Monday: Inner Demons

Hello and welcome back to another week of Music Monday. I can't believe April is almost over. The time is truly flying by.

In my attempt to do better on social media, I've started participating in hashtag games on Twitter. They've been fun and it's let me think about my characters in different ways. Some of the questions are geared more towards a certain genre, you can tell, but that's okay, it's still fun and I answer as best I can.

One such question that comes up is about my antagonist/villain. I'm writing a romance and while some do have an antagonist, mine doesn't. Not in the traditional sense. Not Broken is based around Calida and her inability to trust and love, or so she thinks. She and Malcolm are fighting a common foe in the form of her inner demons. A flesh and blood opponent is easier to combat than someone's thoughts.

On my anniversary road trip to Hershey, PA, this song came on the radio. I'd already found Calida's song for this book, but now she has more than one. The lyrics of Julia Brennan's "Inner Demons" really speak to the struggle that both she and Malcolm face as they try to navigate through their budding relationship.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy the song

"Inner Demons" by Julia Brennan

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