Monday, August 21, 2017

Music Monday - Still Feel It

Happy Eclipse Monday! Hope everyone has their special viewing glasses (I don't) and are all set to see the wonders later today. It's been a little while since I've done a Music Monday, so yay I'm back with a new song.

This week's selection is a song I heard on the radio and the catchy tune was fun and made me want to dance in my seat. Being a writer is a stationary endeavor, well unless you have one of those fancy treadmill desks. I do not. Because of that, getting up and moving around helps to get the blood pumping and gives you a mental break from what you're working on. If your characters are anything like mine, you need that break more times than not.

Best way for me (other than walking laps around my house) is to dance when  song comes on my playlist rotation. Depending on what music I've started with, I may not get any fast paced songs because it's not the mood I'm after. Other times it's all I get. I like to change it up.

This week's selection has been chosen to get you out of your chair and shaking your groove thang for just a little bit.

Enjoy and hope you have a great week.

"Still Feel It" by Portugal. The Man

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