Monday, November 19, 2018

Music Monday - SimpleThings

Happy Monday and happy early Thanksgiving if you celebrate. This is a big week for me. When I put out Fiendish, I thought it would be a one off. Then came Not Broken, even though it was three years later.

Now, this week, on the anniversary of Not Broken's release I'm putting out book number 3. My third self published title featuring characters I thought I'd be done with after the first book. It's exciting to know Calida's story ended up with a happy completion. I say her story because as the story morphed, and while she had her leading men, the connection with all three became focused on her journey.

I admit it is a little sad to know this is the end for them. I have another story percolating in which they would be side characters, but that's in the distant future. Other things on my plate. Until then, we celebrate the release of The Lists with a song from that playlist.

While this story is fun and full of sexy times, their love and deeper connection are always present. Most of the songs on the list do reflect the erotic theme of the song, but I had a few sprinkled in that reflected the sweetness between Calida and Malcolm. They want the simple things in life, each other and a happy life together. The lyrics of this week's song and the title reflect them at their basic core.

I hope you have a great week and holiday.

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Until next time

"SimpleThings" by Miguel

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