Monday, November 26, 2018

Music Monday - Love On The Brain

Happy Cyber Monday. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday if you celebrate and that you won't go too overboard with the online shopping today.

I spent most of the time in #editinghell. Now that I'm navigating the hybrid author seas I have these pesky things called deadlines. One of those had me working over the holiday because I needed to have edits done for Anything Once.

I mentioned two weeks ago that the release date for that story is in January. It's barreling closer with each day and Limitless has a tight deadline. I've said it before, multiple times on this blog, that editing is not my favorite.

This segment started because music helps me with my writing, but it also helps me when editing. While I was working on making the changes suggested and adding a few of my own, I used the playlist for Anything Once for inspiration.

I had a hard time with this story. Not writing it, but in the first round of edits. I lost sight of what I wanted. I got too much feedback that muddied the waters and I fell out of love with it. As I was editing I actually remembered why it made me happy to begin with. Not to say editing was without struggle, it had it's struggle. I'm still iffy about this one more than my other projects, but I'm going to have to let it ride.

What I loved about it when I wrote it though came through. It was nice to write about a married couple. It was nice to see people on the other side of that "HEA" that most romance novels end with. Ian and Quinn are in love, and their relationship is happy and healthy for the most part, but not perfect. This story reminded me that I wrote it because marriage takes work and just because you're married, the romance isn't over. If anything, you have to work harder at it because everyday life can get in the way and you get complacent.

Getting reacquainted with the story meant getting reacquainted with the playlist. Most of the songs are NSFW and this one is as well, but less than the others. At the core of their relationship, the love these two have for each other is forever present. "Love On The Brain" worked for this week because it encompassed my general first love for the story. They are happy and in love and very much attracted to each other after 12 years together.

Hope you enjoy the song and have a great week.

Until next time

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"Love On The Brain" by Rihanna **NSFW lyrics**

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