Monday, October 22, 2018

Music Monday - Feeling Good

Happens every week doesn't it. No matter how hard we wish for it, Monday just keeps coming around. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and getting back to the 'work' week won't be too hard today.

Last week, I mentioned being in what I call #editinghell. I managed to finish up my last round of edits for my upcoming novella THE LISTS and will send it back to my editor for her final look over and copy edits. The release date is closing in faster than I like and I'm feeling the pressure.

This week's selection is in honor of that novella.

Tomorrow is the cover reveal for it and I'm excited. Covers are the best part to me. LOL I'm really eager for this one because the photo for it was taken by my daughter. I couldn't find stock that I liked/wanted so I arranged a 'custom' photo shoot.

As anyone that tunes in to this blog regularly knows, I have playlist for each book I write. This week's song was featured in FIENDISH and repeated in THE LISTS, but a different version. The significance of the song, for my lead Calida, changed. She's a work in progress to reclaim her life from the dark times with Seth, and this song she wanted to use to take ownership and give new meaning in her life.

Special treat, a little excerpt to show the use in book.

I turned my back, closed my eyes and took a breath. I hit play on my phone, the song already cued up and ready to go. A remix of “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone began pouring from the Bluetooth speakers.
As I’d cycled through Pandora looking for the perfect song, when this one came up in the rotation, my gut reaction had been to skip it, but I forced myself to listen; Seth was no longer in control. Like with my nickname—our special name—being with Malcolm aided in me taking back ownership over all aspects of my life. Seth was no more. Nothing. He’d been reduced to a dark spot in my life which served to strip him of all titles he’d once held.
Malcolm was now my lover, husband, friend, and the most amazing father to our little boy. This was the song, the lyrics, it embodied everything I felt now thanks to the man waiting for his show.

I hope you enjoy the song and have a great week.

Until next time,

"Feeling Good" by Nina Simone (Avicii Remix)


  1. That's cool the cover features your daughter's photo.

    1. yes. I'm very excited to have her be part of my work.

      thanks for stopping by