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Music Monday - Ain't No Other Man

Howdy y'all. You know what day it is. Hope you all had a great weekend. And yes, I have showed up again to keep up with this segment. Feels good to be on the way back with my focus and productivity.

Last week I talked about being productive again, and actually getting some decent writing done for the first time in months.

And guess what....

That WIP I have had sitting that I finally picked up again and made progress on, well I finished it! Yup, when I put all the bits and pieces together I was sitting at about 13k. I'd started writing this piece back in January, alternating between it and another WIP. The other one took over and my focus went to that, then editing hell... And well, the blahs.

As of the 11th and with 18, 132 words, it was finished. And I celebrated with my now customary glass of Writer's Tears Whiskey.

On the positive side, I wrote about 5000 words in a week. WOOT! YAY ME! On the not so positive side, I let this WIP sit for months, so close to being completed and couldn't get it done. BUMMER! BOO ME!

We're gonna focus on the good parts though. It's done and resting before I start my self-edits and that whole process prior to sending over to the editor. Until then, the music!

I've said before that I like to create playlists for my projects. Songs that fit the mood and theme of the story. This week's selection is from the playlist for The Lists (tentative name for said WIP) and the song I listened to that got me through that final chapter.

I've been a fan of Christina Aguilera for a while. She has a great variety of songs and I love her voice. While this novella is all about fun and sexy times, I also wanted to showcase how the love between my characters has grown since the last book. This song really encompasses Calida's feelings about Malcolm.

Hope you enjoy.

Until next time,

"Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera


  1. Congrats on the 5k words written in a week. Been struggling with my writer's block but finally able to write something, a few hundred words, for the past three days.

    Love Christina Aguilera. Ever since She debut with "Genie in a Bottle. " Oh that brings me back.

    1. Thank you! It felt good since I have also been struggling with the writer's block. Getting back on track for at least this project is giving me hope for full focus return.

      Oh yes, I remember that song. Crazy when you think about how long ago it actually was.

      thanks for stopping by


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