Thursday, May 17, 2018

Virtually Social - #MFRWauthor

The end of school is upon me and being a room mom for both boys and part of the PTA has kept me busy. Plus I've hit the wall of doubt and burn out so took/taking some time off. I skipped last week's post as part of that time off, but decided to jump back in this week.
So, the topic, what's my favorite social media platform. The quick and easy answer:

I've had a Twitter account since I published my first book, but I never did much with it. I didn't understand the point of trying to say anything in 140 characters. At the beginning of 2017 I set goals to increase my social media presence overall. I joined groups on Facebook, attempted to post more to my page, opened a Tumblr and instagram, and finally blew the dust off my Twitter account.

Of those, I had the most success with making connections on Twitter. I joined in on hashtag games, interacted with people, and ultimately found the best thing ever, a CP group. My Romance Chat (RChat) ladies. Twitter is the only one I check daily.

This year instead of using an author page, I made an actual FB profile. That has allowed me to interact much better on Facebook since the pages were so limiting. I know people have success with them, but I haven't found that magic yet. I've even created a reader group on there, though I haven't yet started promoting it. At the end of the year, we'll see how it fairs.

I'm not artistic enough for Instagram, but I keep that account decently updated. Tumblr is basically dead, and I've never gotten into Pintrest.

So there you have it. Short and simple. What social media sites are you fond of? Stop by the other authors on the hop to find out where you can find them.

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  1. Blogging and Twitter are it for me. The IWSG is on Instagram and Facebook though!

  2. I've been addicted to FB since I was dragged onto that site in 2009, kicking and screaming (LOL!) by the person organizing our class reunion:)

  3. thanks for sharing what worked for you