Monday, April 1, 2019

Music Monday - Girls Like Girls

Happy Monday and first day of April! I do hope your weather is better than the cold spell we're getting in Georgia. My kids are home on spring break so my schedule is a little out of whack. Seriously you'd think by now I'd know how to manage this.
But I don't, so yeah, here we are. One day I'll get it balanced. Maybe. Until then, I bring you music. If some of you may remember, I started writing a second novella in the hopes of submitting it to Carina for their Dirty Bits line. The first book I did for them came out last month.

For those of you that didn't click the link, I started the novella back in September 2018. I JUST finished that project last week. Seven-ish months for 17k-ish words. I don't call myself a #turtlewriter for nothing.

But it's done! The story is now in the hands of my critique partners to get it all shiny and prepared for submission. And in celebration of it being completed, this week's song is from the Being Hospitable playlist.

Have a wonderful week. Hope the pollen doesn't bother you. And you get lots of sunshine.

Until next time

Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko

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