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Music Monday - Too Legit To Quit

Hello. It's that time again. Another Monday. I know typically most people dislike this particular day of the week, but I look forward to it. Not only do I get to share new music, but it marks a day of quiet as the family is all back at work or school.

I know "throwbacks" are done on Tuesday or Thursday because of the double T but eh, we're doing it today. Why? Well the radio is to blame. Over the weekend it seemed to be "old school" music time. It started with MC Hammer, then we had N'Sync, and George Michael.

It seemed like a sign that I should go "old school" with this week's music selection. From those crazy over-sized diaper pants, to the funky dances, MC Hammer was the "it" man of my teenage years. Hearing it again made me think of needing a character that was into all the old school artists of their childhood. But that's for a later day, too many other stories I need to get done first.

Anyway hope you have a great week.

Until next time

"Too Legit To Quit" by MC Hammer


  1. I saw Captain Marvel this weekend and it had a lot of old school music. Although a little scary to be calling mid-nineties music old school...

    1. Oh nice. So far my boys haven't asked to go see it, but I think it's on the 'to watch' list anyway. LOL and yes it is scary, but sadly these are the times.

      thanks for stopping by


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