Monday, February 4, 2019

Music Monday - 1950

Happy Monday! Did you watch 'The Big Game', it was on in my house because my other half decided we needed people over to watch. I don't sport but had to play hostess. Anyway, it's over now and time for a new week.

So I've been slacking in the new words department. I want is there, the follow through, not so much. But with my Squad, we're setting monthly goals which will hopefully keep me more accountable. I have my release of Being Neighborly in exactly one month from today.

Back in September, after I got the call, I started working on a second sort in that not-really-a-series. These are shorts, only 25k max words allowed. I got to about 9k and have stopped. Many reasons, a lack of focus is a big one.

New month. New drive. New goals. To get myself into the mindset of that book, I've been listening to the playlist I've started for it. This week's song is from that list. Hopefully listening will inspire me to actually finish this story once and for all, and I hope you enjoy hearing it.

Have a great week!

Until next time,

"1950" by King Princess


  1. New month and a fresh start!
    We watched the game. Not all that exciting, but hey.

    1. Yes, hoping to make it a better one than last month. From the folks at the party, they all sounded disappointed in the game. But hanging out and having good food was fun.

      thanks for stopping by