Monday, April 9, 2018

Music Monday - Skin

Hello and happy Monday. That is if one can be happy on a Monday. Spring break is over for my boys. They are back off to school, and boy getting up was hard on all of us.
I've skipped a week or two of Music Monday because I've been in #editinghell and haven't done much writing. I don't have a song playlist for editing. I should probably look into doing that. Sometimes I'll have a random YouTube or Spotify mix going. Other times I'll maybe pull up the playlist for the story I'm editing if needs be. I need all the help I can get when it comes to editing and being in the mood.

Yesterday, however, I started working again on an old, but the newest WIP. One of my wonderful CPs, Lily Michaels, is lovingly known as a Book Pusher. She gets extra excited about the words she's read and wants more. The WIP that I went back to yesterday, thanks to the weekly sprinting event I host, was one such book that she pushed me into writing.

The Lists (temporary name, maybe) is a novella based off my last novel, Not Broken. Lily read it and has since started a fan club for Malcolm, because she really fell for him. Every time she talks about him, it makes me smile since working out his character was a struggle at times. One of the fun quirks that came up during Not Broken was an inside joke of sorts between Calida and Malcolm and a kinky to-do list. Lily felt Malcolm needed more attention (because according to her I neglect him LOL) and thought it would be a great idea to let them actually make out a list. So the story was born.

Other stories spoke louder to me and got finished ahead of that one (Lily may be on to something about the neglect), but I got back to it now that I'm editing both those other stories and need a new writing only project.

A chapter that I stopped writing mid-chapter last month, I managed to finish writing yesterday. Two songs were on repeat for that process, so I did a coin toss to see which one would win out today. "Skin" by Rihanna won the toss. Make sense because the other song was really more for the first half of the chapter and I used this one for most of the words written yesterday.

It's a sexy time book, that requires a sexy time song and this one fit the mood of the moment perfectly. These two are in love and while they have their sweet 'make-love' times together, other times...well they are not so sweet, but the love is always there.

Hope you enjoy. **while no explicit words, still may be slightly NSFW**

Until next time

"Skin" by Rihanna

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