Wednesday, July 17, 2019

#AuthorToolBoxBlogHop - OUT OF OFFICE

out of office   It's a new month, and typically should be a new post for the #AuthorToolBoxBlogHop but as you can see I'm "out of office" this month.

I've been elbow deep in mini-home makeovers. My youngest two boys have always shared a room, and we're separating them. By "we" I mean me as my other half doesn't really take part in these endeavors.

While my boys are excited, momma is tired. Super tired. I forgot how much effort it is to de-clutter, move furniture, paint, put together furniture, etc. Been at it for two weeks, kid one is done, working on kid two's room now. All this means that at the end of the day I'm tired. And can't think on deeper levels. hahaha so the idea of writing some meaningful and helpful post is beyond my mental capabilities right now.

My boys start school in three short weeks. Hopefully my sanity and focus will return and I'll be back doling out random "advice" and scattered thoughts next month. Until then, happy hopping and I'll still pop in to do some reading during my breaks from painting.

Until next time,

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