Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Book Review: Faster

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a ‘formal’ book review on my blog. Today’s review is part of a release day celebration. If you’ve been around my blog in the last couple of months you’ve seen me talk about this book before. For a refresher, you can check HERE and HERE. Faster, the debut novel for Deana Birch released today. Check out what I have to say about it, then head over to your favorite retailer and grab your own copy.

Louana Higgins drops off the drummer for The Spades exactly where he belongs: on the steps of a tour bus. Because, despite his rising fame and charm, the junior producer understands Jake Riley is not boyfriend material.

Twelve grueling years has finally resulted in a hit song for Jake. But, knowing the new zeroes in his bank account come with as many ways to blow it, he craves stability. Now, certain he’s found the calm to his storm, he asks Louana for the previously unthinkable—monogamy.

Long distance and groupies are already high enough hurdles for a new couple, but Louana’s new beau also comes with a malicious lead singer. And the front man is ready to tear the couple apart by revealing a secret from Jake’s not so distant past. Unable to discuss it with Jake for fear his bandmate’s betrayal would mean the demise of his flourishing career, Louana must now decide if she can live with Jake and his secret or leave the rock star she’s grown to love.

My Review
** 5 STARS **

I am an emotional and reactionary reader. I want to be sucked into a story and experience what the characters experience. I yell, eye roll, cuss, laugh…you know react. If a story can’t get a reaction out of me, it’s not a story I will enjoy. I didn’t have that issue with Faster. I found myself rolling my eyes and laughing at some of Jake’s antics pretty early on.

From the start, each character’s voice was established as distinct and while some of their behavior would annoy me (more on that later) they remained true to the personalities that Deana created for them.

Jake was, at times, a man-child. If ever there was an epitome of ‘sex, drugs, and rock and roll’ it would be him, well him and his band-mate Shane. He is a rising rock star and wanted to bask in the glory of all that came with that title. Until he met Louana.

Louana, a career focused, level-headed woman, and so very much the opposite of anything even resembling a groupie, was not in the market for a relationship. Then Jake bulldozed his way into her life. What starts out as a hot sex only thing quickly spirals into something neither of them expected and brings with it all the baggage of a whirlwind romance.

Their biggest issue and a bit of a pet peeve of mine, lack of communication. They both sucked at it. To be fair, Jake, as I said is a man-child, and one that had never been in a real relationship before. Lou, well while she is a handler in her professional life, she is an avoider of conflict in her personal. As one could imagine, that combo can make for some frustrating times as a reader. There were plenty of times where I’d yell at them to just say what they were thinking. Just open your mouth and talk! But as an author, I realize that some of it is needed to help build the tension, doesn’t mean I like it when on the reader end.

Their relationship is on fast forward and while Jake seems fully on board for these changes because Lou takes care of him and gives him a sense of home, Lou does battle some conflicting feelings. Her last serious relationship was one-sided in the needs department with her often caving to the wants/needs of her ex. I understood her need to maintain her independence as to not get lost in the vortex that is Jake Riley, at the same time, I again wish she’d been a little more open about how she felt.

As much as these two were opposites in nearly every way, when they were together, you could see how their pieces could fit together. Faster is the first in a duology, so while this story doesn’t end with a complete HEA, you are left with an ending that leaves their future open in a hopeful way.

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  1. What is it with people not communicating?
    I wanted to be a rock star but I didn't want the lifestyle that came with it.

    1. LOL it's a thing. I've done it myself a time or two. Those little misunderstandings add tension sadly. But you gotta find the right balance. The lifestyle can be hard. Jake lives it full force as does his friend Shane. But there is growth and you see Jake wants a change.

      thanks for stopping by