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Music Monday

Hello all. So for the last two weeks I told myself I was going to try something new, and each week I'd not do it. Today I made it top priority.

Music is a big part of my writing process. Sometimes I find a song that really helps with a scene I'm working on, sometimes it just acts as background noise for me to tune out everything else, while other times I crank it up and dance around to get the blood flowing. That last part is only done at home, alone, in privacy.

All that is being said because I want to attempt weekly posts for songs that I've enjoyed and want to share with those of you out there reading my meager posts.

I thought it fitting to kick this off with the song that spoke to me so much it gave me the title for my current WIP. This song came up on the auto play when I was listening to YouTube one day and I had to stop and play it on repeat a few times.

I hope you enjoy it.

"Not Broken" by Skye


  1. It would be the one week I'm limping by on the backup computer without speakers. *sigh* I'll have to look it up later! Thanks for sharing what inspires you!

    1. Aww sorry your computer doesn't have speakers. Hopefully you'll get your main PC back soon. :)

      Thanks for stopping by


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