Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Musical Inspiration

So, it's been a while since I've updated here. Mostly because there's been nothing to update. When I finished Fiendish was really hit with a need/desire to give Calida what she didn't get in that story. Not Broken was born. I cranked out the first couple of chapters and was like "Yeah, I can do this." Then I stalled.

I tried a few times to pick things back up, and I'd type a little, then get distracted by any and everything. Malcolm, as much as I love him, he's been the biggest struggle for me. Trying to figure out his motivations and role in the story.

Music helps me. I listen to it, I get inspired by it, in general I'm always writing with some music playing in the background. Most times it's random, whatever shuffles on through Pandora, other times I know of a song that would help set the mood for what I'm trying to do. Fiendish has a playlist and Not Broken has one in progress, but Seth nor Calida had a theme song. Malcolm does.

As I sat and tried to figure him out. As I complained to anyone that would listen that he just felt flat to me, I hoped for some sort of inspiration or connection to his character. Then I heard this song:

This song completely embodies Malcolm's role and purpose in the story. While I do write in dual POV, I am coming to realize that the journey in this book is more about Calida and Malcolm's role is to help her get to the point where she can let him love her.

Now let's hope I can keep remembering this little fact and power through finishing this long overdue book.

~Happy Reading

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