Thursday, January 11, 2018

Smell The Smoke - #MFRWauthor

It's week two of the #MFRWauthor blog hop. And boy oh boy, they are not making it easy. Last week I had to pick between my book babies (couldn't do it) and this week they want me to remember stuff.

If you were around for any of my posts last year, you know my memory is pretty shotty. In fact my mom called me today, fussing (yes I still get fussed at by my mother) for not calling her when I was supposed to. Not that I don't want to, but I simply forget. I'll tell myself when  wake up I need to do, this, that, or the other, but by the time I get the kids off to school and such, it's forgotten. On occasion it may come back to me, but sometimes not. That is my lot in life.

Because of that I spend a lot of time making memos on my phone or scraps of paper so I can keep up with what I need. So this week's topic, my earliest memory...really? Can you smell the smoke from my brain trying to go back that far? I sure can and it hurts!

No matter how much I sat to think, think, think, I couldn't come up with anything. Well nothing that was a full, complete memory. I have little things, like falling out of a tree and cutting my leg with my tooth. I still have the scar from it.

Most of the time while my father was in the army, we lived with my grandmother so we could have a steady location. However, we did live with him, and a girlfriend when he was stationed in TN (I think). What I remember is the baby sitter we had. She drank coffee all day long. The smell of it was always in the house and she was never without a cup in her hand.

There's also the memory of why to this day I can't stand oatmeal. I remember spending time with my biological mother on weekends and being fed oatmeal all the time. I would put a spoonful in my mouth, run to the bathroom to spit it out, then back again. Yeah, not a fan of oatmeal and I rarely gave it to my children.

I could keep going with random tidbits, but you get the point. I don't have a whole memory to share. Hopefully the other authors on the hop have a better recall than I do.

Until next time


  1. I have fragments of our time in Japan, but few solid memories.
    Don't you hate walking into a room and forgetting why you did so?

  2. I just have fragments of memories, too, especially going back to when I was really young. And, my memory is shot... I have phone reminders and sticky notes all over the place. You're not alone, lol.

  3. the FB meme says, how is it I remember every song lyric from my childhood, yet can't remember why I walked into the room?

    I've heard that the sense of smell is linked heavily to memory, so the smell of coffee is forever linked to that fragment. Mine is Estee Lauder perfume; my grandmother and my mom wear it. I guess when I consider myself an 'old lady', I might wear it....or not.....maybe I'll leave that tradition to my sister to carry on?

  4. Between the smoke from your brain and mine as we worked on this post we kept the fire departments busy. :) To do notes do tend to pile high don't they. The problem is you have to remember to look at the lists. I keep forgetting to.

  5. Ouch, the tooth in the leg had to hurt! I write things down then forget to look unless I stick it on my laptop the night before. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I Agree with Mary J that tooth in the leg had to hurt. My memory is shot too I have to make notes now. Sticky notes are my friend LOL Great post. ( I love the smell my smoke line )

  7. Coffee is a fragrant memory and I associate it with my parents' kitchen. I love the smell not the taste.

  8. Memories are funny things, aren't they? I forget to call my uncle. I'll think about it while I'm at the store or driving the car, but by the time I get home, it'll slip from my mind. I'll remember again as I'm getting ready for bed. Maybe I should call him right now that you've made me think of it! :)

  9. Thanks for sharing, Meka! Some of my memories are fuzzy that way, too. I thought it ironic that I'd just read an article explaining Freud's Infant Amnesia theory before this Challenge. My memories begin at age 4, which is average, and like you, they're mostly incomplete.

  10. My mom fusses at me for not calling too. I too remember and plan to but then it's forgotten amongst other things. Getting the kids to school, work, wondering what to make for dinner, lamenting the huge pile of laundry waiting for me every single week, thinking up new story ideas and plot twists, writing them and or binge reading. Forgotten my own wedding anniversary so many times I can actually count the number of times I remembered the day without my mom calling to remind me on one hand.

    As for my earliest memories, they're all tied to something fictional. The first memory I can remember clearly was when I dressed up for Halloween as Wonder Woman. Another memory was when I discovered Little Women and Moby Dick pocket books stuffed inside my mother's coffee table which led me to become bookworm. I'm still shocked over that particular find because the only books I'd ever seen in our apartment was the bible. Another memory was when the director of the daycare my mom sent to gave me first book present for Christmas, Fudge-A-Mania by Judy Blume. I was sitting all by myself while the other kids were enjoying the little Christmas party event when she came up to me and said she noticed how much I liked to read. I sat there reading, immersed in the story and laughing like a loon.